Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. B has her preschool graduation today. I may cry. Will post pictures and write about how fast time flies later.
  2. Work is extra stressful this week; I am training on a new program (which, by the way, isn't part of my job role - it's an addition to assist another department which I am more than happy to do, but have barely gotten my toes wet with two other programs they gave me in May...oye) and will have to work longer days to cover for the said graduation ceremony and dreaded appointment Friday.
  3. Speaking of which, my hCG levels have been going down, but still no symptoms, so my doctor wants to see me on Friday even if progression starts to happen naturally before then. I doubt it though, I had a dream I had to go through the procedure so I'm expecting it. Not how I would like to spend a Friday off if you ask me.
  4. My hubby took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant for a date night this weekend and it was delicious! They have the best cheese dip for their chips, and I swear I put on a couple pounds from that (totally OK).
  5. Draw Something is my new favorite app. Have you played?
  6. Towels seem to disappear in my house. Same with certain clothes for a certain 5 year old. The heck? Is the washer eating them? I don't understand how things can get lost like that if they stay in the house! We have one "catch all" room at the moment with boxes that we haven't unpacked yet, but it's 80% home decor that we aren't ready to display yet, 10% clothes to donate (I checked there, don't worry), and another 10% miscellaneous stuff. There's really only one wall with boxes by it, and the rest of the house is pretty put together. Ghost?
  7. I watched a couple movies on abc family the other night and was on edge every time a commercial came on. They played the same ones over and over and over again and I swore if I saw one more commercial for their upcoming series "Bunheads" I was going to throw up. Or rip my arm off to throw at the TV. I will not be watching that channel any longer!
  8. My left contact has been giving me hell for the last few days. I have replacements, but want to hang on to these as long as possible. Anybody else do that?
  9. I cannot believe it's only Tuesday. And already June. It's practically Christmas!
  10. B and I checked a few things off our Summer Bucket List 2012 this weekend...can I get a "woot woot"?!