Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. In August we started buying groceries two weeks at a time, but I felt it would be more effective to plan for the whole month and make freezer meals. September we spent less than $500, and for October we are less than $450! A few girlfriends and I have been getting together (twice now) and making freezer meals, buying the meat and cheese and produce (whatever we can find at Sams for the recipes we voted on) in bulk and splitting the cost which has helped tremendously! In December we will have enough freezer meals stocked up that I'm hoping we will spend $150 or less. My goal is to have dinners for every 4th month in the freezer so we can "skip" that month's dinner bill. So far so good!
  2. Wedding scrapbook is FINISHED (a while ago but I think I forgot to share)! I am so excited! I've been working on 2011 now and got through April and May already!
  3. Work has been slower now that I'm in transition but I know it will be picking up soon.
  4. A couple weekends ago, B had a friend sleepover (her first friend one!) and it was so much fun for her! They get along great and it was such a relief for me that B was such a good hostess...she offered her guest something to drink, snacks, got her silverware for her, even served her breakfast! And all without me telling her bahaha!
  5. Another little friend of hers had a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese and B was so excited to meet Chuck-E...well as soon as he came out she got completely freaked out. I had to let her in on the secret that it was really a guy in a costume because she was near panic mode. I told her that the real Chuck-E had so many parties to go to that day that he couldn't make it to all of them so hired some helpers (works for more than one thing, apparently). She was less freaked out but still didn't want to go by him. Ah well.
  6. I bought lighting for my craft room and was super excited about it...but it turned out to be a bust. It's 10 times darker than before (there's no natural lighting) and I was pretty bummed. But, hubby said we can put it in our closet and I can get another one so it works out!
  7. Cattails is coming up here in a couple weeks and I can hardly wait! I'm already packed for the most part and am hoping my plan will be effective this time around.
  8. I need to vent...so I came into work a couple weeks ago and sat down right away realizing that the chair was different...the height wasn't right and neither were the arms. I foolishly assumed someone had sat in it for training at another desk and made the adjustments without thinking...but today I started wiping it down and realized that it's not even the same stinkin chair! WHO DOES THAT?! I can see switching with an empty desk before someone starts, but my ass has been established in that chair for a year and I just don't understand what prompts somebody to do that. Funny thing is, I KNOW who it was and I'm looking at it right now... the chair I am parked in was filthy and the NEW person who had it was complaining how gross it was, so she brought in a rag to wipe it down and likely wasn't satisfied with it so switched chairs. Unless that was her plan from the beginning...looking at the chair I used to have I can see my "territory" (I eat lunch at my desk so I recognize the "whoops" marks). What am I supposed to do, call her out on it? UGH. I don't want it back either because this person smells horribly from all her smoke breaks throughout the day so it's pointless to try and switch again. Plus she's crazy...she told me she ran an ex down with her car back in the day. UMMMM no thanks I'm not going to mess with trying to get my chair back...I will just complain about it!
  9. Age old question: a baby or a puppy?
  10. Hubby's birthday is this weekend! Old man...