Monday, January 13, 2014

My Family

I meant to mention, my beautiful and healthy baby girl A was born on September 12th: the original due date! I gained a LOT of weight with her and she ended up being 8lbs 6oz of perfection! Chubby cheeks, beautiful eyes and a sweet little button nose. The birth was incredible to say the least. Out of the 7 hours I was at the hospital and in labor, only 2 were controlled by anesthesia. And not in a row, either, just total. But I wouldn't change it for anything, I forgot about it the second I was holding my little miracle baby!

She's now 4 months old and rolling around. B is in first grade and a superstar both there and at gymnastics. E got rid of her crib and diapers and is growing like a weed - one day her 3T pants were 3 inches too short! Crazy kids. Jax is 14 months and such a good boy (handsome too!).

Courtesy of Sarah Ciccone Photography, October 2013
Life is good.

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