Monday, January 9, 2012

2012: Week One

It may only be Day 9 of 2012, but I've been doing pretty darn good on my 2012 Goals, which is fantastic news for me {I struggle with procrastination, laziness, and lack of motivation, I'll admit it...}! Mondays I'm going to do a recap of how far I've come on my goals and look ahead to the upcoming week. This should help keep me on track.

Family Goals:
  • Be a More Attentive Wife and Mother
    • My hubby and I spent New Year's Day together.
    • The girls, J and I went to the cabin {FYI by "the cabin" I mean his parents'} this past weekend. B went ice fishing for a bit and J took us all on an ATV ride.
    • B and E had some fun in the snow for a few minutes before their cheeks got too rosey - I think it was E's first time in the snow because she really wasn't sure about it! It was fun watching her warm up though.
  • Manage Finances Better
    • I filled the "Disney" jar and am trying to implement a portable way to track mileage and expenses for J's business. I found a small 13-pocket file and a mileage log that fits inside the front, so hopefully he removes it from the kitchen island, puts it in his car, and uses it...
  • Organize, Create, and Manage and Efficient Household
    • This last week I started coming up with small "chores" for B...there are things I don't want to pay her for, like picking up her room each night and putting her clothes in the hamper, but will be creating a chore chart for her that I can expand on as she gets older.
Personal Goals:
  • Keep in Touch With Friends
    • I've been making an effort to text friends more often and see how they are doing, but also met up with a great friend from high school on short notice for a dinner date at Acapulco {YUM!}. It was absolutely wonderful to see her - she's one of those friends you can sit down with after two months of hardly talking and pick right back up where you left off!  
  • Attend Church
    • No progress on this goal last week....
  • Keep a Journal
    • Even though it hasn't been every day, I did buy a small notebook for journaling and started a couple days into it. 
Professional Goals:
  • Update Work Environment
    • I am excited about this one...I received the rest of 2011 pictures I had printed so pulled a few out for my cube and filled those frames I've been hanging on to. It makes my heart happy to have pictures of the people I love surrounding me all day. I also organized one of the overheads with brightly colored trays from the dollar section at Target to corral some of the items I had sitting in there. 
  • Extend Myself
    • Last week was a tough one to hit 40 hours on because we had Monday off for the holiday. 
Creative Goals:
  • Keep Up StudioBlonde
    • I haven't been posting as much as I like, but that's because I've been dedicating my time to my family this last week. However, I have a few projects I'm gathering to blog about, so stay tuned! 
  • Pinterest
    • I pinned some more...and found a blog called Undressed Skeleton that gave me some amazing ideas for updating my food habits, which I started already!
  • Finish 2011 Scrapbook, including Wedding
    • Last week I finished 2 pages: 1 from 2011 and 1 from the wedding! I sat down to start another 2011 page last night, but got distracted by a TV show that I am not going to admit I watch. Yeah buddy. 
Fitness Goals:
  • Lose 10 lbs
    • I'm not going to post how much I actually do weigh because a lot of people might judge the fact that I even want to lose weight. I'm OK with where I am. I'm not miserable but I'm not thrilled either. On the spectrum of where I should be for my height and age, I'm on the very edge of what's considered a healthy weight. So I would like to lose some LBS. I want to be in the middle. So far I have invested time in coming up with healthy meals and snacks and I've lost a total of 4.2lbs in a week. {I freaked out yesterday when I thought I hadn't lost anything in a week, but found I wrote my weight on January 1st so it made me feel better that actually I had, I just didn't remember.}
    • Water has become my new best friend. I thought it would be hard to hit 8-10 glasses of water each day, but I'm at 6-8 comfortably thanks to my cool "sippy cup". I love it.
    • I downloaded an app on my new iPhone {so sweet} called Calorie Count and this is what I must credit to the change in the last week for sure. It keeps track of my water, weight, and food. I can add activity if I want to, but it already accounts for what one typically burns in a day so unless I happen to climb the stairs 25 times each way {which I did on Saturday}, I leave the activity alone. It scans barcodes so you don't have to manually search for everything to log. It also tells me an analysis of what I've been eating - when I've had too much cholesterol or sodium and which vitamins I need more of. It also gives you a grade for the day. I started this on Thursday of last week and since then have gotten a B- thrice and a C+ once. I would get a better grade if I made the effort to get more calcium and vitamin A, but I only went wrong on Saturday when I had 3 eggs thinking it would be good for protein and ended up with high cholesterol. Oops. Oh, and there are forums if you want to see what's going on in the "community" and also a recipe search that you can specify certain aspects of your diet {ie low sugar, high protein, etc}. If you're looking for an app that's easy-to-use, not too complicated {complicated is where I end up getting lazy}, and gives you a full analysis, check this one out. It's become my new fave.
Whew, that's a lot! But at least a lot of this is a summary of what I started, so going forward these updates will be a lot shorter.

This week I plan to scrap and implement Scrapbook Sundays where I feature the page I was working on...this will ensure I git-r-done during the week. I also want to hit 40 hours at work, create a budget in Excel, go to church on Sunday, put my journal in my purse so I can keep it up daily, and get a project done to feature on the blog!

How did you do on your New Year's Resolutions last week?


  1. You are doing awesome on all your goals...Yeah buddy!

  2. I know what you mean about the weight. When I discuss it with friends and they find out I only weigh 115, they just roll their eyes at me. BUT I am flabby, I need to tone it all up. I could care less what I weigh or my size as long as I am toned. Keep it up, your doing great!