Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scrapbook Sunday No. 01

Welcome to the inaugural post for my series titled "Scrapbook Sundays". Original, right?

Anyway, one of my goals this year is to catch up with my scrapbooks, including my wedding book, which is a huge project because I took more pictures in 2011 than I have any other year (likely due to my sweet new camera from my awesome hubby). I want to finish at least one page a week, which I have been doing (YAY!) but I have also been squeezing days in...yep, the last two weeks I have spent one day in each scrapbooking. It's awesome. Last week I had two friends come over and scrapbooked all day, and today I spent a few hours with my family and completed one at home, too. I'm on a roll.

To kick off my feature series, here are the pages I worked on today (in the future I will take better photographs and try to come up with techniques for me to try out in the coming weeks...this is a work in progress, mmk?):

(Oh, P.S. I took the pictures on the stand so that's why they are so far away...the lighting is terrible at night so I will photograph pages in the daytime and without the stand otherwise it looked weird with the black scroll at the bottom. You live and you learn, right?)

As you can see, I love pop dots. I adore the 3D effect on the pages and layering papers. I'm a sucker for bordering the main page and squares. I'm also a sucker for flowers and butterflies. Good thing I have two girls to scrapbook! 

Thanks for checking in, and thanks CORIE for kicking my butt in posting again...I've been busy and falling behind! I have a few ideas for posts up my sleeves though, just need to find the time to ensure they reek of AWESOMENESS before I post them!

 Who else scrapbooks? What are some of your "go-to" techniques?

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