Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits (XL Version)

  1. I hate when you order food to go and by the time you pay for it, drive back to work, sit down and look at it, you realize it's not what you ordered. Lunch is almost over and there's nothing you can do about it. Boo.
  2. Another thing about food...what is with the fortune cookies not really being fortunes? "Your mind is filled with new ideas." Thanks for that. The problem is I haven't the time or certain resources to work on them. How about predicting when I will be able to do so, eh? "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." Seriously, what is this? Ironically I can find places where these so-called "fortunes" fit in my life, but where is the "You will inherit millions from a stranger who picked your name out of a phone book and not have to worry about half of the things you are worried about right now, this second." Eh, eh?
  3. I got two tattoos on Friday the 13th. Now that I say that aloud, I realize that it probably wasn't the best idea. I wasn't superstitious about it, but now I am. Both of them got screwed up, unfortunately. I got a "J" on my wrist for my hubster that is squiggly {for lack of a better word}, frayed in certain spots that it isn't supposed to be, not filled in correctly, thicker in some spots than in others, and to top it off, the artist "dug" too deep so it's taking extra long to heal. On my foot I had my daughter's name and a ladybug, because that's what I used to call her. Well, now I call her Pee-Wee, Nana, Bug-A-Boo, etc and really you couldn't pay me to put any of that on my body permanently. So, with her middle name being a flower, I requested that the artist sketch a rose to cover up the ladybug. He did an awesome job and I absolutely love the design. What I don't love is the fact that it took 4 hours to complete these small tattoos, he cut me open in six places {verified by the owner of the shop AND my doctor}, I'm on antibiotics to prevent an infection, my foot was swollen and pained for two weeks, and now the tattoo is literally falling off. Cheese and sprinkles {name that movie...}. Anybody who has seen it has declared they have never seen a tattoo in that bad of shape. And who would? It's a tattoo. It's supposed to be permanent, that's the point. Not happy. At all. I really didn't expect to have to go back and have the tattoo redone after three weeks, and I was under no impression that the artist was under an apprenticeship or anything where I would need to expect less than perfection. Now, tattoos may not be perfect no matter who does them, but my 4-year old could do a better job with a sharpie marker and it would probably last longer than this tattoo has. Mission: get my money back and get it fixed for free. Because between paying for the tattoo, a tip {hey, I didn't know this would be a disaster, ok?}, and paying for the babysitter, I'm out two big ones.
  4. I miss my hubby. Like, a lot. Spending the weekend with him then being thrown back into work is too much of a change. He's like a drug, I need to ease off him.
  5. January is over and I am very happy with everything that I achieved this month...losing weight, plowing through a ton of scrapbook pages, spending time with my family and making that a priority, and letting my creative juices flow in a "journal" that will house all my amazing, fantabulous ideas until I have the resources to complete them.
  6. Every Monday B has gymnastics. She's such a cutie out there in her leotard and I love watching how much she's grown since starting out. Yesterday she did a full cartwheel and landed on her feet. Then she did it again, and again...and again, and again... Her coach came up to me after the class and said that she is doing such an amazing job and wants to move her up to the next level right now. Unfortunately, 4pm doesn't work for us, so I thanked her but said we can finish out the term in this class and look forward to watching her move up when enrollment opens again. There's only six weeks left anyway, so it's not a big deal for us to wait. I'm oozing of pride right now though. I think I teared up a bit when I saw her doing those cartwheels, too. I'm a baby when it comes to my baby.
  7. There are two big things I have been praying immensely for. Join me, won't you?
  8. Intervention is such an addicting show, which is ironic to state considering the whole point of the show. It's sad watching how the family dynamics affects them. It's repulsive and heartbreaking when they show them using. Yet, I can't pull myself away from the TV...I want so badly to see these men, women, and teens pull through this and get healthy. For the most part, it ends happily: the addicts are smiling, clean, enthusiastic about being clean, determined to keep it up, in a healthier mind set, and look amazing. Those endings are my favorites.
  9. I need to purge items and clean out my closet. Adding to my "to do" list right now.
  10. Check back tomorrow if you are interested in doing a 29-Day Scrapbook Challenge with me! I can't wait to start!


  1. I totally get the hook of intervention... I love to see that show and see how it ends. Does the person take the help? Do they make it through treatment or get kicked out/leave early? Are they still clean or have they relapsed?? All the important things I want to know are told to me in the last like 3 minutes of the show- lol!

    1. You get sucked in just for that ending, I completely agree!