Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekly Bliss (a few...)

Ballons around her doorway to surprise her - "Mommy & Breanna's Day of Fun!"
AAAAND she's awake!
"What's going on? I thought you got me a puppy..."
Sleepy Princess.
Arctic Blasts
First treat from an ice cream truck - childhood staple.
Making pierogis - which turned out fantastic :)
Oh yeah, and ice cream.
Oh look, another sleepy Princess!
Modeling her new school clothes.
No longer a "Monica Closet"!
(that's a cold lunch station for Breanna - snacks, juice, napkins, spoons, fruit cups, and a place for her lunchbox.)
Princess Day at daycare.

Playing LIFE with Mama.
Cupcakes and Fudge Brownies.
Pictures of Auntie Lulu.
Oh, a close up with her rings...she insisted.
My GIANT mug I scored for $1.09 at Michaels to serve as a pencil cup - only it's more like a bucket...but I love it.
B tried to freak out passing cars.
E tried to spot passing airplanes.
DQ - her current favorite.
Me and J <3
Glowsticks in the bathtub.

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