Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Bliss

So what if I'm a few weeks behind? I've been busy :)

Dressing baby Sophie and Lovey puppy up as fairies. Gotta love the hippie headband with the flower clip (she even did that herself bahah! BOHO!)
Seriously, this kid cracks me up. I love those fake fangs and the light was hitting her eyes perfectly, plus she had covered her face in green and blue makeup so she was definitely scary looking!
A little DIY banner - with many more decor items to add tonight!
Playing at the park at dusk...can you see them at the top? Playing pirates or something.
Costume shopping
YES! My two little monkeys! E hung on so well I was so proud of her!
New reclining couches!
Me and pee-wee
Oh, so her first trip to the library with her Kindergarten class and girl friend comes home with an Aaron Rodgers book. Makes for a proud Mama and Daddy!!! GO PACK, GO! (And no, I do not want to talk about that asinine call last week, thank you.)
Balla balla! She was really good and got a lot of tickets from this game without my help!
Just cruising.
My favorite girls in the whole world.
Bahaha told them to be silly!
She crossed the monkey bars on the side closest to where I'm standing then turned herself around and went down the other side! Way to go!
B, "Come on down, I'll catch you!" E, "Nope."
Sleepy girl - why is it I love taking pics of my kids sleeping? Oh yeah. Because they're so darn cute 24/7.
LOVE this picture.
I even joined in on the fun!
Had a sleepover with a BFF and went to a baby shower (hence the nametags...Hannah couldn't be left out either haha!)

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