Sunday, December 11, 2011

De-Monster Spray

I am on a roll this weekend. B & E are getting along famously so I have this extra time to snap a picture or two and post. Yay! 

B has had a hard time going to bed lately, with excuses anywhere from monsters in her closet to her eyes won't stay closed.

Again inspired by Pinterest, I decided to create my own version of Monster Spray {dubbed "De-Monster Spray}.

Last year I held a Norwex "party" and bought the Odour Eliminator. Honestly, I haven't used it yet. I love many of their products but this is one I didn't get around to using because I never thought of scooping up a spray bottle when at the store. However, creating a "De-Monster Spray" was the PERFECT opportunity for me to start using it! 

I used 7 parts water per 1 part Norwex Odour Eliminator and B helped {I told her the Odour Eliminator was a special product that monsters didn't like...which is true if you compare monsters to "odour" - win!}. She knows that it isn't just water, so it's more believable. I can now chase away all of the "monsters" in the garbage can and any other places they might decide to pop up. :) 



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