Friday, December 16, 2011

My Grown-Up Christmas List

Don't worry, I kept this post rated G! I've been scouring Pinterest, Target, and Etsy for gift ideas for friends for about a week now and thought the heck to it, I'll make a Christmas "Wish" List for myself. Just for fun {and as a reference for after the holidays!}.

A few of these items were on my "Wish List" for a gift drawing I did with my siblings, so some of these may be a part of my life in the near future!

This is something I fell in love with after reading about it on Jen from iHeart Organizing's post back in February {see it yourself here}. It's a stylish, sexy, practical CAMERA BAG from Jo Totes! Plus, it's TEAL, and I happen to have an enormous crush on teal accessories right now!
{Find your favorite design and color here.}

Stick Lamp - Green, found it at Target...and I actually want this for my cubicle at work! I am surrounded by toupe and it drives me crazy, so I've been trying to add bright colors. I have a vase that features brightly colored stripes {I'll have to take a picture once my cubicle is finished} so I'm pulling those colors into other aspects of my cube. {One of my next projects will be to spray paint some of my desk accessories, but that might need to wait until spring when I can get outside.}

Aaaaand of course a teal one for my home office/scrap room {dreaming...}! I love the pattern on this!

To showcase my beautiful family at work, I found this bright red frame {also at Target, see a pattern yet?} for my cubicle. 4x6, 5x7, I don't care. They also have it in green which I would love to get, too!

I love boots. I used to own quite a few pairs, but after I lost some weight last year they didn't fit in the legs correctly any longer. Sometimes when you win, you lose. BUT the silver lining to that all is I have a great excuse to buy new boots! I saw these Cali-3 boots on Pinterest and fell in love. I have always wanted a classy pair of gray {grey?} boots and these are perfect!
{Find them here.}

I'm not trying to be greedy, but sometimes when you see something as stinkin cute as this, it becomes an obsession. I. WANT. THIS. COAT. This is another Pinterest inspired wish list item found it at Aoisos. I'm a little hesitant to buy since they misspelled "elegant" in the name of the coat {"Elegnt"}, but that could be intentional. I don't know. All I do know is I would look amazing in that and I want it.

Last but certainly not least are these ADORABLE, must-have pillow cases from Janery. Jen at iHeart Organizing features Janery products quite a big on her blog and I fell in love with {duh} the teal for my home office and the yellow for at work. Why do I need a pillow in my office and at work? No, not for sleeping {I'm too busy blogging, obviously}. I tend to slouch. A lot. And it causes a lot of pain when I get knots in my lower back from it, so if I have a pillow behind me, I will sit forward in my chair and be forced to sit properly{that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it}.

There you have it, my Grown-Up Christmas List. Of course there are other items that I'm dreaming of, but opening a package with any of these items would make me feel all giddy and warm and tingly inside.

What's on your list this year?


  1. Here's to wishing you get at least a few of the items on your list! Lots of wonderful items to be had!

  2. Those boots are super cute! You know I have big calfs so I will take those other boots that no long fit :)

  3. That camera bag is amazing!! I LOVE the color!! Hope you get a few items on your list!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  4. Jen from iHeart Organizing has featured that bag on her blog quite a few times! It's darling!