Friday, December 30, 2011

Dollhouse Rennovation: Complete!

It's complete!

Between my last update and what I'm featuring today, there was a lot of back-and-forth, hiccups, and neck craning to get the dollhouse done. I mentioned that the paint seemed to be "absorbing" into the wood...well after about eight or ten coats I finally covered most of the imperfections. The ceiling was the easiest to paint - using white craft paint and a foam roller I was done in two coats {leave it to me to buy the foam roller the day I'm finishing this instead of using a paintbrush for the whole thing first}.

I used a smaller paintbrush for the trim on the inside and the windows, both inside and outside of the house. That was tedious, but I kept reminding myself that I was almost done and all of these little details will be well worth it.

My Dad found the linoleum flooring at Menards for pretty cheap and went the extra mile to find me the appropriate glue {thanks, Dad!}. I measured and cut {a few's hard to draw a straight line off a tape measure alone}, battled a rash on my arms and knees from the fiberglass on the bottom of the flooring, applied the glue, and laid the flooring down. I think it looks AMAZING.  

I am so glad to have this dollhouse rennovation out of the was such a relief to stuff it into the truck {okay, it's a Ford Escape, but it's a truck to me...I just traded in my Cobalt Coupe}, watch the hubby haul it up to the condo, set up all the little furniture and details I had spent hours bidding on eBay for, and wrap it. The best part of it all was watching B play with it for the first time. It was so exciting and made me feel all warm and cozy inside knowing all the memories I stored among these miniature rooms will soon be joined by those of my daughter. This dollhouse was certainly a treasure for both me and my younger sisters, and I know it's something that B will not soon grow out of.

Here's the proud new owner of the home:

{Isn't she just darling?} The outside of the house is a navy blue with white shutters, but I didn't snap a picture of it. I will still have some touch up work in the spring with the roof, but other than that her and I can decorate the walls with wrapping paper, fabric, add small pictures, home decor...whatever her little heart desires!

Here's the dining room up close. It features a cute little table set up that includes everything Barbie would need for a fancy dinner party. Even wine {yikes!}. And yes, the window is missing, but we were unable to find it or a replacement. That's OK though. I have plans. Just need time...

Here is a quick pic of one of the bedrooms. There are some details I wish I had snapped on the hutch, like a fishbowl that B went GAGA over because it looks like her own pet, but once some updates are made to the decor I'll feature our creative additions in full.

This is the "big" bedroom...seriously the bed fits two Barbies. I didn't have that as a kid...they just fit one "back in the day"! This is a completely handmade set and I am so lucky to have found it for B. It's made for play, not just a diarama, plus it's fun, girly, and we just love it.

The living room couch is another handmade set, I got it from the same seller as the "big" bedroom. The entertainment pieces are all plastic so they should last for a while.

Well, there you have it. I wish I had taken pictures as I went along, but I'm going to use a bunch of excuses why I didn't and just make sure I photograph my projects better going forward.

What project should I tackle next?

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