Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

  1. My hunt for Ikea Expedit shelving has paid off. I scored big time with the 5x5 shelf, desk attachment, 2x4 shelf {those numbers represent the number of cubes tall and wide, not a measurement in inches or feet, if you aren't familiar with the product}, along with drawers and cubbies. I can't wait to put it together in my craft room!
  2. Oreo Truffles, St. Patty's style. Yep. I broke down and made them. My arm was being twisted by myself, and if you aren't flexible {which I am not} it's very hard to do and it hurts. So I gave in. Some crushed chocolately creamy goodness and melted-dyed-green chocolate later, I had a little ball of happiness. B loves them, she called them "Oreo Ruffles". I will definitely make them again, they are super easy to throw together! {Will post recipe when I can get pics online!}
  3. I finally asked B what she wanted from me and J for her birthday. She told me she wants new clothes and sparkly shoes. She's such a girlie girl, and it's perfect too because with summer coming she will need summer clothes. I'm excited to do some shopping for her knowing she won't be disappointed if she doesn't get toys from us {after moving this weekend and seeing how much they really have, I think I will buy anything but toys for the next five years...}. Oh, and she also wants Dr. Suess books. I love that she's turning into a little bookworm!
  4. The clock on my computer at work is all screwed up after Daylight Savings last weekend. It still shows an hour behind, so I am confused for most of my day, double checking my phone to see the time and make sure my computer didn't automatically adjust without me knowing. If I manually adjust it, it goes back again if I lock my computer for a few minutes. If I check the box to automatically update with Daylight Savings, it updates but the appointments on my calendar in Outlook get adjusted to an hour later. Can't be late for meetings or anything...not that I really have any, but I do have daily reminders that would be an hour late if they didn't pop up at the correct time. Blah. Technology.
  5. I'm having a hard time figuring out what color curtains and paint to go with in the master bedroom. We originally picked out a gray {grey?} for the walls, but I'm questioning it. I like the gray {grey?}, I love it actually. I just don't know how it will all look with the sage, champagne, and chocolate bedding we have. I found quite a few pictures of those colors together and it looks great, just unsure of how it will look in a big room. I don't know. Blah.
  6. Yesterday I felt really sick all day. I'm feeling better today though, thanks for asking!
  7. Speaking of yesterday, while I was laying down B came and snuggled with me for a little while. Amidst listening to her precious breathing match my own, I heard the wind blowing quietly outside, children laughing and playing, birds sweetly chirping in the trees, excitedly telling one another "Spring is here!", and the beautiful sound of a distant wind whime...and I found peace. I felt, this is home. This is the perfect beginning to our life in this new home. I am so grateful that B gave me that moment, she's always been so considerate whenever I am hit with a migraine or not feeling well. She's my angel.
  8. Is it only Tuesday?
  9. I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately. Where I've been, where I am, where I'm going...what's been fulfilling in my life and what hasn't. Who has been there for me, who I've been for, who I need to be there for. What kind of memories I want my kids to have, what kind of memories I want to have, who I've become and whether or not it's a good thing...there isn't one thing I regret. Not one, thankfully. There are petty things I might have done differently, but there isn't anything haunting me. There are things I need to improve on and make a better effort with, but nothing I can't handle. My life is good and it will only get better from here. In fact, I want to celebrate my life every day. Starting with now. Hooray!
  10. Anybody else feel like they need a vacation?

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