Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

  1. Our Internet and cable are being hooked up tomorrow. Do you know what that means? PICTURES! PROJECTS! I'm excited, are you?!
  2. I have a really funny story about painting this weekend. Well, it's funny now. I will save it for when I post the pictures about the master bedroom, but you should know that we painted the main hall {includes entry way, main hall, stairs going upstairs, and the hallway by the bedrooms}, master bedroom, girls' room {although I still plan on adding stripes soon}, girls' closet, kitchen/nook, living room, office, and craft room {which I need to fix down the road because the banana yellow color it was before threw off the pretty paint I picked out}. The main bathroom was primed since it was red and is ready for the first coat, which I aim to finish tonight. Mind you, all of the said areas above needed two coats of paint. Yeah, I was busy, and the blisters on my hands prove it. But, unlike apparently 99% of people, I actually enjoy painting! I don't like cleaning up afterwards...but the effort itself is therapeutic in a way and I love watching our home come together. Our goal is to finish painting, stain the deck, and get the landscaping under control before B's birthday party...which is in just under 3 weeks. Wish us luck!
  3. Last night I was reading a sample of a book I heard about on the radio, Fifty Shades of Grey. I was allotted 140 pages, and I'm really hoping for a Kindle Fire from my hubby {hint, hint ... his suggestion, by the way} for my birthday so I can download it and read the book in its entirety. I also have Hunger Games on my list for future reads. What are some good books you have read recently that you would recommend?
  4. Pinterest is the best. Follow my boards - my user name is "mrskotlow". Wow, Mrs...weird.
  5. I miss scrapbooking. I need to get my craft room in order! Anybody a pro at painting stripes? I'm intimidated by it!
  6. Right now our extra bedroom is being used as a "catch all" for all the stuff we have until we get a grip on what's going on with the house. Clothes, home accents, toys, blankets...you name it. Ugh. I hate it! I can't wait to get closet units so I can organize it all. Plus, I want to get it painted and have that out of the way. {I can't believe how often I talk about cleaning and organizing - I'm sure my mom and dad would be surprised since I was a Clutter Queen when I was a kid!}
  7. What is with the protagonist in recent literature falling for someone who is "pretty"? Perfect tousled hair, light skin, manicured hands, sweaters and fitted boot cut jeans, using terms of endearment such as "Miss Swan" or "Miss Steele"...give me a man who is a bit scruffy, knows how to get his hands dirty, gets tan from working outside, and calls me babe {hmm landed me one of them already!}.
  8. My wardrobe could use a face lift.
  9. I just received a phone call on my work line for a free quote for carpet cleaning. Um...no thanks.
  10. Saturday night I noticed we didn't have hot water, but J and I both assumed it was from cleaning the painting supplies all day and we just needed to wait until morning. Morning came, and the water was still icy cold. After a few phone calls we discovered the water heater needed to be replaced {it would have cost more to repair it}. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

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