Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits - on Wednesday (again)

  1. I'm sick. B is sick. This is Day 2 and we are spending it recovering. Both have stomach's no fun to watch a 5 year old get sick.
  2. Speaking of 5 year olds, B had her birthday parties this weekend. I will not be hosting a child's party in my home for a very, very long time. 10 girls were here total {including B & E}, and it was a huge project. I take for granted how well I know my own daughter and found that it's very difficult to keep 7 kids I'm not familiar with happy. One sat there repeating, "I'm thirsty...I'm thirsty...I'm thirsty..." after I had already told her I was tying a shoe and would get her something to drink in a moment. One was upset that I couldn't fix her shoe. Tacos and cupcakes covered my deck...and kitchen floor. Apple juice sticky spots were discovered days later. To top it all off, one decided to go #2 without asking for help, got that #2 all over, and clogged the toilet. The rubber stopper got stuck and while we were downstairs singing karaoke, the toilet was overflowing. Tank after tank after tank. For probably 5-10 minutes before the girls noticed a "waterfall" in front of my craft room door. Yep, it had soaked through the ceiling. Our rec room now has water damage all over and my hubby has to rip it out. While my friend was trying to stop the toilet, I was trying to get ahold of my hubby and calm one of the girls down who was hyperventilating and telling me I needed to call the police. In hindsight, the madness is pretty hysterical. At the moment, I wanted to die. 
  3. B's family birthday party was the next day and went much, much smoother. No toilet messes. A few spills, but good times with our loved one. My grandpa even made it out, and that's a huge trip for him! It's good to see him out and about, and B loves seeing "great papa" at her home.
  4. After the beautiful weekend, it snowed on Monday. Tornado warnings on Sunday, snow on Monday. That's Minnesota for ya.
  5. My younger sister is pregnant again! Her son was born in November, and baby #2 is due Christmas Day...I bet they will be BFFs! Can't wait to meet the lil one :)
  6. I am really disappointed that Blake Shelton sent Jordis Unga home. Not only is she from MN, but she is frickin awesome! Ugh. Blake...bad decision. Bad, bad decision.
  7. This Saturday I'm hosting a Ladies Night at the new house...I can't wait! The theme is Favorite Things...and I will definitely blog about it!
  8. There are so many books I want to read right now, but I want to wait until my birthday to see if my hubby gets me a Kindle Fire :) teehee!
  9. For the life of me I cannot find the kid's clothes hangers. What the heck is that about? I wonder if the bag got tossed in the trash instead of loaded into the truck on accident. That's the only explanation - this house is pretty black and white at this point!
  10. I'm hoping we are done with being sick for a very, very long time in this house.


  1. FIRE FIRE...Call the police! hahaha! Yeah that was some party, I am glad I was there :) Overall I think Bre had a great time. Hope the two of you get better soon! P.s. Lets see some scrap room photos???

    1. As soon as I can get J to hang the shelf!

  2. Did the hangers get flushed? I snorted Dt Pepsi out my noise reading about your party - the little kid telling you to call the police is hysterical! Much better than the bd parties we have here!

    1. I think the hangers did get tossed - I went out and bought new ones over the weekend so I could finally hang those clothes up! B's birthday anecdote is one I will not soon forget, that's for sure! In hindsight it's hilarious, thankfully!