Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

  1. I went to get my hair highlighted again yesterday! I love being blonde...not a natural, so it takes work, but it feels good to me. I'm excited to get the process started again {went brunette while house hunting to save dinero}.
  2. Easter is this weekend and I haven't even thought about what to get the girls or when to dye eggs or any of that. I've been so preoccupied with moving and getting the house situated it hasn't crossed my mind but for a moment!
  3. Speaking of getting the house situated...it's next to impossible with two kids running around on the weekend. I clean up, walk to the next room, and BAM there's a mess two minutes later. It's exhausting. Without closets there's nowhere for clothes except the extra room in trash bags or on the floor, dirty clothes are being put wherever, and there are tools all over the place. I'm frustrated!
  4. Every week day I go on a walk for a half hour {during my lunch} and it has actually helped a lot! I feel better and look forward to the fresh air each day.
  5. As seen in my previous post, I dropped my iPhone on Friday and it cracked. It's useable and there hasn't been any negative affect from it, just a minor annoyance with the one that split across the middle of the screen. It's a bummer. Big bummer.
  6. I love watching Dancing With the Stars; particularily for Donald Driver {green and yellow, green and yellow!}...however, many of the celebrities this season are extraordinary! Katherine Jenkins, Maria Menounos, Jaleel White - who I heard had an outburst last week, and unfortunately I lost respect for him at that point. William Levy was really good with his salsa last night, but he's from Cuba! Free pass. DD better go all the way - he's hilarious and can move!
  7. I'm super excited for B's birthday party next weekend. I received all of the favors and such, so now it's just food and balloons! We also ordered her gift, which is HUGE, and I am simply giddy thinking about how elated and happy she is going to be when she sees it!
  8. My camera has been collecting dust lately, and it's frustrating me! Any suggestions on websites to check out for educating myself on the ins and outs of photography?
  9. A few years ago {Dec '09 and Mar '10} I recorded a couple of demo songs - one was a prize in a karaoke contest and one was an answer to an ad for a female vocalist {I exercised extreme caution with that one, no worries}. Anyway, I wanted to do one for our wedding too but never got around to it, and I'm thinking it might be a good time to go forward with it again. It's something I enjoy and do for fun, not like I'm looking to be the next BIG THING by any means, but we'll see what happens!
  10. Tis the season for allergies...yikes!

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  1. I recently got my hair highlighted for the first time. I'm still undecided. I was always a carrot red (natural) but as I got holder gravity hit me in a hard way. Not only did it pull everything down, it pulled all the red out of my hair. So. I'm not used to the blonde look I'm rocking right now. I like watching DWTS, I really like the British opera singer - that's Katherine, right? She is seriously beautiful. I read a couple of photography blogs - not that you can tell by my pictures! - and they have good information. Good luck!