Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits (on Wednesday...)

1.       I ended up with a gastro-infection of sorts; my stomach and small intestine basically caught a virus and slowed down. I fought it off for two days and finally I’m feeling better, although my stomach is grumbling and growling nonstop. I’m on the BRAT diet…bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. It’s bland, bland, bland, but thankfully I can eat something because after two days of not eating I am starving. I also have to stay clear of dairy for the next five-ish days. Sheesh. Anyway, I have only been working half days and it's frustrating. I need to get the hours in! Boo to getting sick.
2.       Home updates have been crazy; it’s tough to take pictures when we are in such a hurry to get as much done as we can before B’s birthday parties this weekend. However, I did some fantastic work to my craft room that I will feature as soon as I can get my hubby to hang some wall décor for me!
3.       Speaking of B, today is her Kindergarten Round-Up. Oh. Em. Gee. It seems like just yesterday she was a teeny toddler and now here I am prepping to send her to school. It’s going to be tough for me. I don’t know how I will handle it come September…
4.       Last night my handsome, handy hubby installed the closet unit in the girls’ closet. It looks awesome, now I just need to add my personal touch of organization and it will be complete! I can’t wait…is that weird?
5.       New Girl is my favorite TV show. Tuesday nights on FOX. HILARIOUS. If you haven’t seen it, you must.
6.       It’s gotten really cold the last few days here, which is unfortunate because we want to finish the deck. March was a big, warm tease and I hate teases, especially when they backfire.
7.       Easter weekend I got to watch my 5-month-old nephew and was so excited…plus he’s the easiest baby to watch and is happy just hanging out in the same room and having something to look at! I definitely would watch him again in a heartbeat! Oh babies!
8.       Every summer, my mom’s side of the family goes on a family campout. I’m really excited this year to bring B and E and just have a planned weekend to get away and do something different, especially after working on the house! However, we won’t be camping simply because the girls are too young but will stay at a nearby hotel and join the family for the activities and festivities.
9.       There are not enough hours in the day.
10.   I am selling some wedding stuff on Craigslist and over and over again I am reminded how crazy and rude people can be. Over marbles. Seriously woman? I feel for her fiancé. I’m tempted to call this off because she’s just a nutcase. Anybody else have bad experiences with selling items on good ‘ol Craigslist?

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