Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Watching movies while it sprinkled outside...
Firefighter B
My lil monkey!
Just a swingin'...
Somebody loves the swings!
What a cutie!
ATV rides
The girls!
Off to the park
Sister help
Sister races
More sister help...with sister races.
Finally brave enough to try the stairs on her own - I think the holes freaked her out!
B and me; she's such a doll!
Pumping away!
"Help." Haha she was so cute, grabbing my hand and leading me around!

What a blessed weekend I had; a busy Saturday - Munchkin Market in the morning {spent $83 on a whole new wardrobe for B this worth it!}, cleaning in the afternoon, and a Girls Night In with some of my closest friends! We exchanged our Favorite Things: Urban Decay Roller Girl Eyeshadow Pallet, Victoria's Secret PINK lotion & candle, Scotch Dishscrub {with refills and soap!}, and foot scrub/lotion. We watched Bridesmaids and talked, and it was so relaxing and nice to have that time with my friends! Sunday was nicer, so the girls and I ran to the park for a while, they took naps while I tried to update my Gypsy and Cricut {battery life died, so I had to charge the Gypsy and have to continue tonight}...then it started to get windy, cold, and showed signs of sprinkles so we headed to the couch to watch movies and the girls played "Applebee's", serving food to us from their kitchen. It was delicious.

Short week at work today, then "Scraptails" this weekend - a perfect opportunity to make a huge dent in completing my wedding album!

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