Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

1.       Two days until I get to leave for my weekend scrapbooking getaway with my mom and BFF. This is something I look forward to so much, mainly to sleep! It’s nice not to have to worry about anybody else for one weekend and definitely helps rejuvenate my being. My goal is to get 22 {or more} wedding album pages done since last time I finished 21. Scrappy, scrappy!
2.       April went by really fast…I hope May does, too! In less than two weeks we will be celebrating E’s 2nd birthday {her actual birthday is the 28th, but that’s Memorial weekend so tough to get everyone together} which means after my retreat it’s back to cleaning and prepping. Once that is over with, June can’t come soon enough.
3.       Lipton Green Tea Citrus has become my new favorite drink. It’s so refreshing! Have you tried it?
4.       I have been having the most vivid dreams lately. Some just plain, outright weird and strange, others so horrible I wake up and it takes me what feels like forever to convince myself it was just a dream. I’m notorious for recalling dreams and details of them, but not as often as this. Odd.
5.       I’m itching for a pedicure and some acrylic nails. It feels so…summerish.
6.       Hubby and I couldn’t do our Date Night last night, so I went and got Applebee’s anyway and brought it home. It was so good…I love their Spinach & Artichoke Dip!
7.       There is so much to do in so little time, but yet time is going so slow. What kind of a warp am I in?
8.       Sleeping is my favorite. So is yellow.
9.       I FINALLY finished my wedding thank you cards! I know, it’s been nearly nine months, and there’s no ongoing excuse…we appreciated everything so much and were so happy to have our family and friends there to celebrate…afterwards we just got caught up with, well, life. I just need one more address then I can throw stamps on them and get them out! I did sent MOST of them out months ago, which maybe I should have waited until all were written now that I look back. Oh well. Besides, isn’t the time etiquette for sending wedding thank yous up to a year? If so, I’m still in the clear. Barely.
10.   Any ideas on some sweet outdoor toys for two little girls? This is the first time we’ve had a yard in YEARS, and the girls are lacking in outdoor play items. What do your kids enjoy doing outside?

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  1. I've been having some great dreams, too. Like, knowing that I'm dreaming while in the dream, realizing I dream in color, and telling myself to remember everything when I wake up! My kids were always happy with mud and sticks. Living out in the country, we could always find lots!