Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. You can find almost anything on the Internet...from medical advice to entertainment, the latest Hollywood news to divorce papers and issued bench warrants. Interesting...
  2. Mother's Day was beautiful! I woke up on my own (usually I get up with the kiddos), my hubby made me French Toast for breakfast, I got to get ready at my own pace...and it was beautiful out! However, I ended up with headache...I did get to nap in the afternoon and went to bed at 7:30PM, without having to worry about dishes or giving B a bath. Aside from the headache it was great to be home with my family all weekend.
  3. E's party went really well, but she didn't quite get the concept of opening presents! She got excited about the first thing then didn't care about the rest of it, she just wanted the toy opened! It was pretty cute.
  4. Saturday night I made my hubby start a fire just for the two of us, so after the girls went to bed we sat outside and chatted underneath the stars next to the fire. Honestly, it felt like the epitome of owning a home. That's definitely a routine worth repeating.
  5. I need my hair done again...and soon!
  6. Pierogies are the best, I love them! Authentic ones take the cake, but Mrs. T's in the frozen section are a good substitute. I had some last night and really would like some more right now...can't go wrong with potatoes!
  7. Today is an off day...I started out ambitious and got a lot done that I needed to, but my focus has completely disappeared and I'm hoping after a 15 minute break outside I will be able to regain that back.
  8. I haven't unpacked my scrapbook stuff from my weekend trip yet. It's tough when it's so beautiful outside! There are supposed to be showers on Thursday and all through the weekend though, so perhaps I will do it then.
  9. Speaking of being beautiful outside, it may be so, but inside the office it's FREEZING. I walk in and have to put on a sweater every morning! Can't win...but it's better than being too hot, that's for sure.
  10. I have no plans this weekend, which is nice.

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