Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

1.       The first part of the weekend was rainy, rainy, rainy.
2.       Our backyard is now a swamp from all the rain.
3.       Sunday was extra hot, and hard to be outside, but we managed an hour or so in the sun with the girls, playing Frisbee, golf, badminton, catch, and watching them ride around on their Jeep/ATV.
4.       Memorial Day was b.e.a-utiful! There was about 10 minutes of heavy downpour around dinnertime, but it was so amazing out and we sat outside for most of the day.
5.       E turned 2 yesterday, and boy is she fun to watch! She has a tougher time communicating with words, but it’s interesting seeing how she makes up for that. She’s such a cutie! We bought her a Power Wheels Princess Jeep for her birthday, and she couldn’t quite figure out how to drive it! She would go in reverse until she hit J’s car, then one of us would run over to her and switch gears so she would go forward, which would lead her to scoot closer and closer to us, and we’d repeat the process until she got sick of it. She will catch on soon, but until then it’s pretty comical watching her.
6.       B was working on her listening this weekend and she did pretty well! There were a few “episodes” here and there, but much less than most weekends, and she was such a great helper! She cleaned the playroom solo twice, helped Mommy with the dishes, and also took care of a few little things I asked of her. She got new PJs as well as some “get me dirty” school clothes for the summer. Drop-off at school today was really tough, and instead of the typical “whiney” goodbyes we run into here and there, she was legitimately sad that I had to go to work so it was extra hard to leave.
7.       J got the shed in the backyard up and I know that was a huge item on his “to do” list, so it made us both happy to see it complete.
8.       I watched The Bachelorette again yesterday; I caught it last week and kind of liked it, first time I’ve ever enjoyed this series. I know it’s early, but I’m rooting for Sean. He seems legit.
9.       It took me all weekend, but I made potato salad – and B loved it! She had two whole helpings!
10.   There’s so much to do at work today…oof.

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