Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

  1. This weekend was a lot of fun scrapping, although I wasn't feeling too well on Friday so I putzed around and slept most of the day. Saturday I was on a roll though and got many pages done! My goal was 22, which I would have met had I felt better on Friday, but I think I was only 2 or 3 away so that's something I can live with. Being away really made me miss my B, hubby, and my bed!
  2. Sunday on the way back I wound up with a flat tire. Thank God for the good samaritan at the Holiday gas station who was volunteered by his girlfriend to change my tire for me. With the spare I made it to Sears Auto Center {pretty much the only place open on a Sunday!} and got it fixed for pretty cheap.
  3. Last night I took the first dose of a new medication and it put me out cold! Today I'm still feeling a little "derr derr", but hopefully it passes. I think that means an early bedtime for me now...
  4. Hubby finished so much this weekend...our deck is fixed {thanks to his friend!}, the HUGE tree that fell in our yard is about halfway chopped up, B is driving {the lawnmower, on his lap}, the mudroom, office, and master bathroom are painted, and the laundry and dishes were put away and not piled up!
  5. B has been a bit of a sassy pants lately...her favorite word is "NO!", which is common for a toddler finding their voice, but for a 5-year-old I feel it's definitely the wrong road. I better read up on some parenting tips to find some ideas on how to handle this, after all, she's our first so we haven't been through this before!
  6. I started an additional role at work with another department, on top of the accounting stuff. Yesterday was crazy, and today is looking to be that way, too. I hope it doesn't wind up stressing me out, I don't think I could handle that at this point!
  7. E's party is this weekend and I am not prepared at all. The good news is her actual birthday isn't for another two weeks, so I just need to get through this weekend.
  8. I have never felt so disorganized, lethargic, and just out of it...lately I can't seem to focus on anything. Maybe it's all the rain?
  9. Today I was too lazy to put my contacts in. Seriously, they take up about half my morning routine because they usually end up blurry after a few minutes so I have to take them out, rinse, and repeat. And repeat. And repeat...B told me this morning I should eat more carrots to make my eyes better. Or go under the laser. If they would let me...but they said my vision changed ever so slightly - not enough for a new prescription, but enough to deny me a referral for lasik. BOO.
  10. I hope this week goes by quickly.

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  1. I've been waiting for a lasik referral for years! About being lethargic - could you be ...?