Saturday, November 3, 2012

Basement Update: White Trim

Yep. It's up - the beautiful the fresh, WHITE trim! I absolutely love it with all my heart! Check it out - we had it installed by two different people (one was a pro who does it for a living and helped get some of the tighter parts to fit the doors that were odd sizes, thank you previous owners for that little gift...)

This is the doorway to the laundry/utility room.

(Please ignore all the was from my craft room while the installation was taking place.)

My little eyelet windows...

More craft room mess...and a fireplace that's screaming, "HELP ME!"

Yes, I still need to paint that small lip around the trim - apparently the previous owners installed the trim improperly because it went all the way to the edge so the pro did it the right way. I have the paint...just need to get to it.

AHH my beautiful stripes!

Our basement is currently better looking than this, and I will work this week to upload those pictures as soon as we get the finishing touches (we're still missing a piece of furniture and LOTS of decor!). I'm just glad that after our fiasco in April we came out better than we were before - and it's something we have both fallen in love with and absolutely enjoy spending time in! And let me say that the color has grown on me. When we first painted it I was so upset that it was a "taupe" color yet again, but in certain lights it actually appears to be a very pretty grey/taupe, so it's the best of both worlds for me and J.

Can't wait to share the other updates we've made!

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