Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. Tomorrow B has pictures at school - I can't wait to see them! I promised to dig my old ones out and show her how they turned out. Hers are definitely cuter than mine...
  2. I only have about 80% of my stuff unpacked from scrapping at Cattails. This weekend I will finish then share my room, minus wall decor because I still haven't decided what I want yet.
  3. My freezer meal plan is complete; the "housewives" and I got together for the last time last weekend until January...my December dinners are in the freezer and all set to go! All in all, I spent an average of $450/month since August and not only did that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for that current month, but meals for December as well. I couldn't be happier and am excited to sit back and relax for a month!
  4. J picked a treadmill up for me and I am determined to get into shape! I was doing well for a few days, but went on my mini-vacation and hit a slump mentally so I'm digging myself out to hop back on it!
  5. Work is stressful lately. I don't know what it is. The weather? Ha!
  6. B was so excited for Halloween this year...we ran out of candy after about an hour and it took about that long to go around the neighborhood. She was a witch, as you can see from the pics yesterday :)
  7. My newest obsession is the 90s Pop Station on Pandora. I listen to it all. the. time. So many of the songs I forgot about, but the second they come on I know every word! Whatever happened to good music anyway?
  8. Sounds like J and I might be hosting Thanksgiving this year...eep! I love hosting (like you couldn't tell with all the get togethers I have!) and don't mind it at all but I'm nervous about roasting a turkey - never done it before! Good thing one of my BFFs sells roasters and is cutting me a pretty sweet deal!
  9. Can you believe the holidays are coming up? I've already been "bugged" for Christmas gift ideas.
  10. Corie and I began a scrapbook challenge - 3 pages a week. Will post pics!

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