Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Bliss

Gotta love it.
But this smile is even better :)
Tuesday: Yep, I voted. Nope, don't want to talk about it.
She's so focused on looking at herself on the screen bahaha!
Saw it on Pinterest and at our Let's Dish - Housewife Edition one of the girls reminded me of it so now I am growing my own green onions! Is it weird that this excites me?
Bookworm, just like her mama! Thanks to a friendly coworker for passing on all these great books that you can no longer get your hands on - B loves them! (and so does her baby!)
Celebrating R's first birthday - my lil buddy is getting so big!
And B is so proud to be a big cousin to him - she was right there helping him the whole time hahaha!
B is quite the artist - Spongebob and Gary :)
B always makes me laugh. Yesterday she was making faces at me but she didn't think I was looking and it was so hilarious to watch her go through all of her "looks" trying to figure out which one she wanted to stick with. This girl loves to make me laugh, and knows just how to do it!

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