Friday, February 3, 2012

Card Corral

Over the last couple years, B has become a collector of cards. Before last night they were all tossed in a bucket just to keep them in one place. No organization at all. Recently, she has started to read and spell words so I decided that it would be beneficial if her flash cards were accessible and in one place so she didn't have to dig through the bucket o'cards just to find them all. She'd probably be bored halfway through the hunt anyhow.
I bought a pack of different sized binder rings from Walmart for under $2 and although I have plans for three of them already {eek!}, I had plenty of extras. Ding, ding, ding! I knew exactly what to use them for!

First, I had B sort through all the cards and put them alphabetically and numerically. {My smart lil' cookie decided to sort them the long way, by having the pictures face-up and trying to determine what they were. She was confused why "airplane" had a "j" on it. I told her it was a jet and she seemed skeptical but got the job done.}

She took this part very seriously...

But I demanded a quick smile break. Cheese!

When she was done with her task, I grabbed my handy dandy Crop-o-Dile and punched large holes in the same corner of all the cards. This was way too stinking hard to do and photograph at the same time, so no pictures "in action", sorry.

Next, I took out my shiny new binder rings {maybe I can find my hand twin!}...

And put it through my professionally punched holes {you know it takes a master of the arts to do that, right?}!

Ta-da! An easy way to keep them all together for my lil learner. Since the binder rings are fairly easy to get open {for the most part, ha!}, I can mix it up if I feel the need. Just seemed logical to put them in order for now. Maybe that's my Alphabetical OCD kicking in though.

I also did this for the counting and number sets she has. She can count to 100 though so this is "easy peasy" for her {yes, she says that. cutest. thing. ever.}

Can I get a whoop, whoop? {whoop, whoop!} What a fun little 10 minute project for me and B to do together!

What are some tricks you use for keeping your rugrat's toys handy?

PS Tune in later tonight for my scrapbook layout!

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