Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Challenge: Scrapbooking Day 4

Self-Portrayed: How often do you scrapbook just you? Take time to create a page surrounding you and what you love to do, your favorite things, or even quirky facts.

I decided to interpret this challenge a little differently...after all, this is all about what you make it! I don't have very many pictures of myself, and the few I do I don't have printed off and I wasn't about to make a special order for just a few pictures. So, I took my favorite wedding photograph of myself and paired it with a poem I found that spoke to me about that day. It's weird to say I love a picture of myself, but I remember feeling so ready and so at peace and my photographer happened to snap a picture as she was walking away to begin taking pictures of the ceremony.

I kept it fairly simple with just using greys {grays?} and silvers. I felt it added that nice, calming touch.

Found these cute little embellishments at Target, can you believe it?

Did you find this day's challenge as difficult as I did? 

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