Monday, February 6, 2012

February Challenge: Scrapbooking Day 6

What's Black & White & ??? All Over?: Use only black and white papers and embellishments with one color of choice to pop on the page. Pull it from the photo(s) to really make a statement!

This challenge fit perfectly with my wedding album. I thought about going with any color to scrapbook that big event, but in the end decided that there were enough patterns and papers to go with black, white, grey {gray?}, yellow and a touch of green. Once in a while the layouts will have champagne in them too, but it's very subtle. It's making for a very uniform scrapbook which, in this situation, is fantabulous!

I went with black, white, and yellow for a double layout featuring the wedding party walking down the aisle. Don't they all look amazing? I love my wedding pictures so much and am so lucky to have had such a wonderful photographer!

What color combo did you use?

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