Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Challenge: Scrapbooking Day 2

Just getting our toes wet here...

For today's challenge I chose to do a layout of B and my BFF's daughter who is now one of her BFFs. Totally predictable, right? Anyway, these two are such a hoot when they get together to play and I just love them to pieces. 

BFF: We all have a BFF...even when we're little. Scrapbook a page that really showcases a friendship of some sort, whether it be you and your soul sister, your child and their favorite toy, or even your secret {or not-so-secret} love of M&Ms.

Again I've displayed my love of pop dots {I can't help it, they make everything so much cuter}. I'm also a huge fan of chipboard. I heart this page.

Who's ready for Day 3?!

PS Yes, I fixed the date from the layout yesterday :)


  1. Omg..Love it! They are soo cute. I love the fact they are BFF's too. Looking back at my pages I need to use more pop dots too.

    Always, BFF

    1. Remember I stocked up on pop dots a while back? I'm going to need more soon! I use them so often now I probably go through one sheet in three layouts.

      Where's yours BFF? :)

  2. Is this my Brookie?? How cute that she is doing her hair. Great layout!