Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Challenge: Scrapbooking Day 5

Exacto-Mundo: Use an exacto knife on patterned paper to remove designs and feature them popped up on your page.

This one was fun. I got the idea from a book I have, which I will feature next week {as much as I wish I could say I was talented enough to come up with layouts, designs, themes, etc on my own, I get some help from creative geniuses}. I found a pattern that featured easy-to-extract flowers and began putting my page together. I love the finished look! It's subtle yet daring and I'm adding this to my "go-to" list for sure!

I love the feminine colors in the papers but I wanted a bit of "sass" so I added a touch of black. E used to charge across the living room floor when she could only crawl; head down, ready to butt somebody with her noggin! It was so funny!

Can you see the flowers popped up? I added brads and buttons along with black flourishes {I apologize for my didn't work and apparently living room doesn't either}.

Eek! I just ADORE how this turned out! What do you think?

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