Friday, June 15, 2012


I have a countdown in my cubicle showing how many more blog posts I need before hitting my 2012 goal of 200 (see, I haven't forgotten!)...I have 151 more to conjure up! There are plenty of projects I started, pictures taken that were intended for a blog post, and ideas written down and/or filed away in my brain...but they haven't made it to blogging status yet. I decided I need to set some goals on the types of things I want to post about for the next six months.

Weekend Bliss (Mondays) and Tuesday's Tid Bits I will keep up just because I love showing off my kids and the tid-bits allow me to vent a bit if I need to. Here are some ideas I have for future endeavors:
  • Craft Room: I have pictures of painting it (well, I think just the striping), can take pictures of the state it's in now, and have a whole spreadsheet dedicated to the project plans I have for it (Excel is my BFF, I love it!).
  • Basement Updates: The toilet incident from April required lots of fixing, and the ceiling replacement is already nearly complete. Since it was worked on during the day and I was going through my own personal hell, taking pictures of the progress wasn't the first thing on my agenda when coming home. In fact, I was impatient with how long it was taking! But, there's still a lot to do even once the repairs are complete and I could document that.
  • Scrapbooking: I really enjoyed posting my work, but I think I would need to come up with a standard day to do so and really hold myself accountable for completing a page a week, at minimum.
  • Recipes: There are some I took pictures of and just haven't posted, so I better get around to that! B has a few new favorites too and loves to take the photos while I make the meal (my favorite is when I view them later and there are about 20 self-portraits of herself, 5-going-on-16 I tell ya!), so that would be a fun project with her to keep up.
  • Projects: Off the top of my head, I have four projects that I have been planning for a while and need to get wall, extra bedroom, recipe book, and memo boards.
  • Organizing: This is something I need to get better at. I have the jist of it under control, but really need to crack down and make sure the smaller details are taken care of as well. It would be fun to track my progress.
  • Meal Planning: I did this for a while and it worked wonders with the budget...I would love to challenge myself to get below $300/month on groceries while cutting back on food waste. It could be a weekly/bi-weekly post.
Thoughts? Questions? Complaints? Ideas?


  1. They all sound fabulous. My complaint is that I need to light a fire under myself so I can get on the posting bandwagon again.

    1. I'm right there with ya! Hard for me when the only computer that doesn't blow up on me is at work where I can't focus on the blog too much...hopefully I will get my home one straightened out STAT!