Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home: As We Moved

Yesterday I shared the pictures of our home pre-purchase. Mid-March we spent an entire day moving our stuff, and thankfully we had enough help from friends and family to get much of it set up and put away. Here are some photos of the rooms mid-move (it's messy, I warn you!).

Girls' room (B's bed...OLD I know, I had this as a little girl, and I know my older sister did too! Don't worry, upgrades are in the works.)

E's crib, and the doorway to the bathroom.


Master bedroom

Master, beautiful large windows!

View from the bed; bathroom to the left (no door, but we fixed that!) and closet to the right. Yes, we have suite-like doors to our room!
Stairway; it's hard to tell, but the walls are beat to a pulp. It's like they literally threw their funiture over the railing when they left. Oh, and I hate the chandelier.
Formal Living Room turned Office for J.
Breakfast Nook turned Dining Room

View to the Living Room

Mustard walls. I need to look at this again and again to really appreciate how far we've come haha!

Another mustard view.

AND HELLO BANANA! This is my craft room, pre-attack!

Weird "windows" in the middle of the wall looking out to the rec room. Better than nothing I guess, but an odd set up.
Well, there you have it! Some rooms that weren't featured before and all our crap. It looks better now, I promise!


  1. Those windows kind of look like eyes....too weird.. Maybe they were on a State-Fair-Get-Together-Hot-Dog kick? Seems that way with the color choices. Love the layout!

    1. They're quite odd! And the colors...oof. So glad those are gone!