Monday, June 4, 2012

On a Mission

Not sure how long this mission is going to last, but I am determined to try and find some work-from-home job where I can earn about $300/week (I guess-timated our monthly budget and took out my husband's full time job income, then added a couple hundred just as a safe cushion). I don't have any "super talents" that are high in demand, so this might be pretty tough.

I thought about a home daycare, but with the toilet incident a few months back, I'm not positive how well that would work out. With that I also feel as though I would need to add in some for repairs, food, maintenance, etc.

It also crossed my mind that I could try coming up with a make-at-home product to sell on Etsy and through my blog, however, I have no idea what my creative juices could come up with that would be high enough in demand to support that weekly income necessity.

Photography has always been something that I wanted to do, in fact, I wanted to go to college for it (...a big fat NO followed that request...) right out of high school. I could train myself in that field, but again, with needing that $300 a week I can't be positive that's something I would be able to reach so early on in the game and be able to upkeep during the winter.

There are many ideas to explore, and I better get on it! ...Any ideas on where to start?

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