Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home: Before the Move

What a beautiful morning! Eh, eh? Well it is here, and I hope wherever you're reading from as well! I decided it's probably time to start the process on sharing home updates we have been working so hard on! Nothing really drastic, but now that the basement is well on its way to being finished I can start sharing my home decorating first!

These photos were taken from Northstar MLS in December (I would source the link, but it's long gone now that the property is sold) and were featured on the sites listing the home for sale. Take a peek at the house that caught our eye!

Front (gotta love the obvious "abandoned home" look!)

Formal Living Room

Kitchen (mudroom in the background, doorway on the left leads to the formal dining room, breakfast nook in the space on the right)

Living Room

Only picture of the downstairs (ISH on the color!...maybe the toilet overflowing was a blessing in disguise even after the paint job we finished!)

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Bedroom #3

Bathroom (connects to Bedroom #2, not pictured)


From the pictures, it's obvious many updates were needed to make the home ours, with painting being priority #1 (red, mustard yellow, and a light yellow weren't really our cup of tea), updating the deck, cleaning up the landscaping, and CLEANING (I swear this place was never cleaned...I've scrubbed many-an-inch with a toothbrush, but that could just be my OCD kicking in and the need to feel the home is "freshly" ours). I immediately fell in love with the available space, the number of large windows, and the neighborhood. Since moving 3.5 months ago, we've made many updates in between our jobs and family time but I can't believe how much is left. The joys of home ownership, right?

What made you fall in love with your house?

(I had to update the post with smaller pictures because it was overlapping the side bar on the right; I will have to fiddle with it when I can get on my laptop at home - and it doesn't black out on me.)


  1. Nice home!! Can't wait to see what you have done to the place!

    We bought our house almost 4 years ago and we still have so many projects to do! It seems like they never end!

    1. I can only imagine! I am sure there will be lots to change as time passes, but hopefully it calms down a bit. It's a drain on our energy and bank account!