Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. Squealed when watching The Bachelorette last night, literally. How is it television can capture an audience so? I loathe the thought but am extremely entertained by it, so I will accept my excitement for now. After all, just a few weeks until the finale (squeal!) then it's over.
  2. Over the weekend the girls played in the sprinkler and we met a few more neighbors who are, of course, extremely nice. I think we really lucked out when we chose that neighborhood! B made a new friend with a little boy her age who will also be in Kindergarten in the fall. It's good to expand our social circle outside of basements, emotional distress, and daily life.
  3. Speaking of daily life, I am working on a "chore schedule" that will help me in the upkeep of our home. I'll share my ideas in the next post!
  4. Oh! J got me the Kindle Fire last week, and I LOVE IT! I forget how much of a nerd I am until I open a good book (or in this case, view a good book on a screen digitally...). I read The Hunger Games trilogy in its entirety over the course of two days. Yep. The first two (The Hunger Games and Catching Fire) I plowed through in one day, and I read Mockingjay on Sunday. I was, and am, hooked. I can't stop thinking about the books so I am planning on rereading them and really understanding the characters because that's why I read: to analyze, reference, connect, think... not only do I get caught up in the story, and if it's a good one I picture myself right there, but I love to try to "get it" as well. This is probably more exciting than reading it in the first place because I take my time instead of reading just to see what happens. I'm a nerd and proud of it!
  5. In terms of goals, I decided that this week not only am I going to post about a routine for home upkeep, but I will also post a recipe and basement update. I'm actually hopping over to iHeart Organizing for some ideas on organizing a project to get a good grip on what I want, and make sure that my excel spreadsheet plans are covering all the bases (after all, Jen's a pro at projects, and organizing!).
  6. This weekend J and I are taking time to ourselves while B is at my parents' (thank you, mom!!!). I'm really excited about it because before we were so focused on home updates and recently our emotions were all over the place so it will be nice to find ourselves again...have a bonfire outside, maybe I can convince him to play a board game, go for rides on the Harley, maybe even steal off to a beach somewhere and just talk (ahh the thought of it is so romantic, and his idea too!)... honestly, we didn't get a lot of dating in before we became pregnant with B, so these opportunities are priceless to us.
  7. It's comical to me that we are in the upper 80s here but inside my work it's about 68...I keep a zip up here to wear but sometimes I show up in a sweater, yes - a sweater in 80 degree weather - just to stay warm. If this is how summer is around here, you can forget my pretty wardrobe!
  8. Tonight I'm in search of the perfect teal spray paint for a memo board that I have had on my mind FOREVER. I might even make a couple of them for work if this turns out, but I definitely want one for my craft room to post ideas or reminders. Can't wait to show it off!
  9. I've been looking into working from home, but haven't put forth as much effort as I should be to make it happen. That's another goal of mine; I check jobs daily but need to start thinking outside the box!
  10. Here to a good, productive week and a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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