Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. No "Weekend Bliss" post yesterday due to the lack of pictures I took over the weekend. Acceptable for this week :)
  2. I took B to the park yesterday and met some neighbors who have three adorable daughters, one of which is a year older than B and they suddenly became BFFs. The parents are great too and I'm glad to have started getting out there so the kids (and us) can make some new friends!
  3. Speaking of neighbors, we found out my OB/GYN lives on our street. Did I mention that before? Anyway, super crazy small world, huh?
  4. Anybody own a Kindle Fire? What do you think of it? I want a tablet for reading, but I think I would also like the additional features the Kindle Fire offers.
  5. Do you ever feel like you spend a night cleaning the house only to find it messy 10 minutes after you get home the next day? Oof. I wish there was a cleaning fairy...although B is a huge help when it comes to "dish duty" and putting away laundry. I give her $1 for cleaning her playroom only after we have E for the weekend because she is more than happy to dump all the bins out but doesn't quite understand the concept of picking it all up. B asked for money for doing laundry and helping put dishes away, but I told her that those are her special ways to help the family. She said, "Ooooh!" and not one more word. I think I like having a little helper very much!
  6. Even though I'm still pretty behind at work, I am feeling less anxious about my personal life and that's helping me focus and get things done. I just hope it isn't too late!
  7. Yesterday was B's first day in the school age room and she was so excited! I think her favorite part was not having to take a nap anymore haha but luckily she went to sleep pretty easily tonight so that might benefit me as well! I personally am thrilled that her transitions seem to be getting easier; there was a time that she was so attached to people she didn't adjust. Back when she was about 18 months old, we moved her to a new daycare center (we moved) and in the four months that we lived there, she never adjusted. They had a camera system that allowed me to watch while I was at work and it just broke my heart seeing her so lonely and sad...I don't take that lightly any longer and am so glad that she makes friends so easily now. I am nervous and anxious to see what Kindergarten brings! 
  8. This past weekend we had E and she is talking so much more! She sometimes babbles the same five jibberish words over and over, laughing at herself then saying it again to try and get a response out of the rest of us. It's so cute, but we have no idea what she's saying! Kid has her own language. I'm impressed. She caught on very quickly to her baby cousin's name and would pull out little commands here and there that we haven't heard before...like, "Go potty!". I love watching her grow and seeing how she reacts when she figures stuff out!
  9. I definitely need a pedicure!
  10. Also, I have the itch to go shopping. I think there's some kind of chip in a woman's mind that triggers the shopping kick whenever the weather changes. It's not worth fighting, it's going to happen.


  1. We got my mom a nook color for Mother's Day and she loves it!! She can read on it but she can also surf the internet on it. I am thinking about getting one too.

    1. My mother-in-law has a Kindle Fire and loves it; I think I will definitely get some type of tablet reader...I will have to look into the Nook now! Thanks for the suggestion Sarah!