Saturday, June 30, 2012

Basement Update: Phase I

Yesterday I made a point to show off the nasty mustard colored walls in our basement (not to say that color isn't glorious elsewhere, like accents in the kitchen, but not for a gigantic room where there's no escaping it. Besides, mustard isn't quite the proper description. My mom describes it as "baby shit", if that gives you a better idea.)

Need a reminder?

Sure you didn't. But, there it is.

First things first, we needed to paint the walls! J chose a color OVER THE PHONE (yes, he's that good!) and here are some pictures as we painted.

J is a huge fan of taupe. I don't mind it, so long as I'm not being suffocated by it and can add colored decor to it. Not happening quickly enough for me...

Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take a picture of the completed basement, because just days after the painting was done we had the birthday party that destroyed all our hard work (see #2).

During the tear down I didn't attempt to go into the basement unless I absolutely had to for laundry. The plastic hung around the walls would blow outward into any open space possible, so it was literally a life or death situation every time I tried to maneuver around down there. I let it be...nothing too exciting, except for the lighting (dun dun dun)!!

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