Sunday, July 1, 2012

Craft Room Update: Phase I

Phase I took place many moons ago, but I'm excited to share the step-by-step process because the project in its entirety is coming to a close soon...the end is near!

If you remember, we started out with a very bright yellow color.

It was very yellow. Like, prepare to wear sunglasses upon entering yellow.

My plan was to paint stripes, but I knew that would takes lots of time because of all the painting and updates we were completing around the house...and with the craft room not being a main living area, it was easier to put that on the back burner.

However, I intentionally picked a color for the main bath that I could use down in my craft room for the stripes, so all I had to buy was one gallon of a coordinating color.

My friend Corie got to work on painting around the edges, I painted with the roller, and my sister snapped pictures.

(the edger she's using was $2 from Walmart and worked AMAZINGLY!)

I love that its a nice muted color that will coordinate with a lot, but the yellow was still trying to fight through. We used the entire gallon painting the room, so I couldn't go over the spots I felt weren't thick enough. However, stripes are in order, so I'm counting on that to help alleviate any concerns I may house about it.

Ever done a job that you feel like is taking forever? Wait until you hear about how long it took me to paint the stripes...


  1. Last year we did stripes in my sister's small bedroom. I swear it took longer to paint the stripes than it did to measure and tape them out! Can't wait to see the process!

    1. It took me FOREVER to tape and measure, but I was doing it by myself so that could be it! Posting the process later this week!

  2. I forgot how Ugly the Yellow was!

    1. Hideous! And you know I'm a fan of yellow...but that was too much!