Thursday, July 5, 2012

Basement Update: Phase III

You read that right, Phase III...Phase II was the destruction and reconstruction of the ceiling, but as I mentioned in Phase I, I didn't risk my life to take pictures of it.

Phase III includes priming the walls and will also feature the updates with the lighting!

Here's a reminder of what we started with (like you need it, I know it's burned into your brain):


But, it does show off the lights and I want to point that out. The set of lights on the left hand side of the picture are turned on by a switch on the left wall of the nook. The nook lights are turned on by the switch to the right of it. The boob lights (one of two featured) are turned on by a switch that is about 7 feet away from the stairs around the corner, basically where I'm standing. So, in order to shed any light in the basement, you need to walk 7-ish feet and around a corner. Annoying.

When the ceiling went down, my hubby saw that as an opportunity to set the mood with lighting. Here's what we ended up with:

(Here's the stair view, the switch before was on the other side of the storage wall; the laundry/utility room is all the way to the right and I'm standing in the nook.)

Can lights! (I love the picture above, it makes it look like a runway!)

Here are the weird windows from the basement, and you can sneak a peek at my craft room through them! Let's just say I got rid of the banana look....
At this point we already have one coat of primer on and are due for a second, but we have a ceiling issue that needs to be fixed before painting. We also tore up the trim for replacement (the bank installed cheap stuff before putting it on the market as the previous owners removed it before moving out) and have carpet cleaning to do before we decide if we can splurge on replacement, if needed.

I can't wait to have this project behind us! It was an unfortunate accident that started this ball, but I'm glad it got rolling because the lighting makes more sense and the walls and ceiling (the owner finished the basement himself so nothing looked professional) is now near perfect!

What's something that you ended up having to do after an accident, but it turned out to be a blessing?

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