Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. I'm having an immense itch to paint and decorate another bedroom. I will for sure if we have another baby down the road, and right now that extra room is in no way, shape, or form ready for such a makeover...but I'm hopeful. And pinning...alas, there are other rooms that need to be decorated first. The are just so many beautiful ideas out there!
  2. I'm still trying to convince the hubby that our basement should be painted grey (gray?). I'm sick of beige/brown/taupe...whatever you want to call it. It's boring. Grey is a good, neutral color too.
  3. My shoulders hurt so badly yesterday that I had to go with a sleeveless top for work today (which is OK I assume because I've seen other people do it, and it's not as though I'm wearing a tank top). Thank GOD! Less rubbage.
  4. Since we're in a heat advisory until Thursday at midnight, I'm not sure we'll make it to the parade and carnival tomorrow...it's a tough decision because this only happens once a year, but I definitely need to think of B's safety and make sure we have quick access to A/C and water. We'll see what happens...fingers crossed, maybe it will cool down a bit.
  5. My chore schedule has been going pretty well! I'm glad I decided to ease B into one instead of creating one for her before gauging how successful (and do-able) it would be. I haven't been perfect about mine, but I have a good excuse: yesterday I was supposed to mop the bathroom floors, but we are out of the pads (used them all for the kitchen each night!). I need to stop by the store and get more, which is on my to-do list for tonight. It feels good to have a clean house each day :) and doing a little at a time helps keep the clutter in control instead of watching it pile up!
  6. I am so excited for this weekend...we're going to the cabin! It's been a while since we've been up there, and it will be such a mental relief to get away from all the projects at home for a weekend with the girls.
  7. B has a birthday party on Sunday for one of the girls at school...I'm going to make sure she poops before we leave.
  8. There's so much I want to do this summer and I feel like it's going by way too fast! Not only do we have a huge bucket list yet, but home projects and scrapping were on my list as well. I need to start coming up with a plan for July and August...and STAT!
  9. Last night I made a recipe I found on Pinterest for dinner (I think? I have to find it!), and surprisingly J liked it! Hes the toughest egg to crack when it comes to food. Since it was a success, next time I make it I will definitely post the recipe!
  10. I need some more recommendations for books; whatcha got?


  1. I finally started reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Not great literature, but interesting. I also just finished REAMDE......excellent!!!!!

    1. I just finished posting my annoyed review of the book haha. I will have to check REAMDE out!