Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday's Tid Bits

  1. I already mentioned in my post yesterday that E will be spending Wednesday through Sunday with us; I'm so excited to see her again! We had a cute little date with her at Dairy Queen while B was at a birthday party and it was so awesome to see her interact with us as an individual. Too often we take for granted how well the girls play together that we forget to pull them aside and interrupt the play time to take definite notice of how they're growing. Especially with E because B practically adopts her the weekends she's over (seriously, changes her clothes, helps her go to sleep, plays with her, bosses her around...).
  2. Congratulations to my friend Meagan and her husband AJ who found out they are having a baby girl in November! So happy for them!
  3. With Fourth of July on Wednesday last week, it really threw me off as far as what day it was. Sunday felt like an extra day...but last Thursday felt like a Monday. Yesterday felt like a double Monday. I vote that holidays should always be on Wednesdays...but you shouldn't have to work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Then I'd be good. Who's with me?
  4. Watched The Bachelorette last night...first off was really annoyed at the onset of Facebook comments at 8:57pm when I was still an hour behind on the show. Ruined it for me (on top of many other annoyances yesterday). Secondly, was shocked at the elimination, but reminded myself that it's her relationship she's broadcasting and if she wasn't feeling it, she wasn't feeling it. No amount of viewer encouragement can change that. But, maybe he will be the next Bachelor, and there will be more to watch (or perhaps she will pick neither of the remaining two and go back saying she made a mistake...long shot but the previews were a little teasing!).
  5. B was astounding at gymnastics again last night! She was doing perfect cartwheels and they even started backflip skills, which she was a pro at. She loves pushing herself and being independent and it's so awesome to watch her progress each week. Can't wait for next week!
  6. I'm in a cooking slump lately; I mean I make food, but I have no desire to discover new recipes or spend an hour in the kitchen cooking (on top of cleanup, yuck). Pinterest is especially uninspiring right now.
  7. I started reading The Hunger Games for a second time; the first time I sped through it just to see what happened, and now I'm taking my time and thoroughly analyzing the characters and taking time to think about the storyline. It's nerdy, I know. But I love it. The movie comes out in August on DVD so I will get to see how the visuals in my head differ from the film. Typically I enjoy books more than the movies so that won't surprise me if I feel the same about this trilogy.
  8. Last minute decision to take Friday off this week so that means I'm going to be slammed at work for the next two days unfortunately. But it will be nice to spend time with the girls this weekend and see what shenanigans we can come up with.
  9. I planned to post basement updates tomorrow, but there haven't been any other than picking out a paint color. Maybe we'll get it done tonight, but you never know. I may need to come up with another small project to feature!
  10. J and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary next month and I have no idea what to get him or what to do. Does anybody else think buying gifts for men is harder than anything? Any tips/advice/ideas for me?


  1. I'm in a cooking slump too, but I think it's because of the weather. We have central a/c, but I still don't want to heat up the house. And I can only grill so many brats and corn on the cob. One year? Congratulations! Yes, it's hard to buy for men. I've given mine gift cards to favorite restaurants, hunting or fishing stuff he needed, even gum. He loves to chew gum and can go through two packs every day, so one year I gave him 50 pounds of his favorite brand. He loved it. My ex (the one who I used to ride with) is a smoke, so I always gave him a Harley pocket tee. I used to have to travel for work, so I'd try to stop in the HD shop in whatever town I was in and buy him one. I'd stockpile them for gifts. That's how he got one from Japan, France, England and Australia.

  2. That's a great idea for gifts! He loves Harley gear, but I always feel like he would rather have parts. I found a sign that says "Harley Davidson Parking Only" for the garage to give him...just need a few more things...Harley Gift Basket here I come!