Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Birthday gift for birthday girl

New toys


Model-esque pictures ("Enough, Mom.")

Paddle boat rides.

Cool lighting (no, not altered!)

Sister time.

Sister smiles.

Pretty girls.

Chunky monkeys.

Serious captains.

(Told you.)

Boat rides.

Unhappy campers.


Happy campers.

Babes in toyland.

Sneaky pictures.

(See, I'm there too!)

Gramma time.

Jet ski rides for little sister.

Jet ski rides for big sister.

Precious moments.

Diva moments.

Caught-off-guard moments (E's under there snoozing).

More caught-off-guard moments...

Jet ski rides with mama (for the record, she said I was the best to go with because "Daddy and Papa didn't go this fast - and they didn't go over the waves to jump!")

Sand castles and mud-flinging.
Time with the girls.

Hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine! Here's to many things checked off the Summer Bucket List, and many more happy memories for the girls to store away. Can't wait to see B tonight, and luckily, E gets to start her weekend with us again (another in a row!) on Wednesday! It's going to be a good about yours?

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