Thursday, July 19, 2012

Headband Holder

A few months back I was trying to figure out an effective way to organize my daughter's headbands. She loves picking the perfect one out in the morning before school, but rammaging through a drawer didn't seem suitable for such an exciting daily event.

I came across this on Pinterest (where else?) and decided to give it go.


First I gathered my supplies:

Hot glue gun, oatmeal can (large), paint, brushes, adhesive, stand, scrapbook paper, and of course, music :)

I found this when I went Goodwill hunting (ha!) back in December, and knew this would be the perfect project for this little $0.99 piece.

Originally I chose green because the girls room is a mix of purple, lime green, and aqua. However, I immediately didn't like it. I let it dry and later on painted it white (no pics).

I used my scrapbooking adhesive (basically large strips of double sided tape) around the oatmeal can so the scrapbook paper wouldn't bubble with the hot glue.

I applied the paper to the upside down can, already knowing one sheet wouldn't go all the way around, so I applied and overlapped.

I folded the excess over the bottom of the can, sort of like wrapping a Christmas gift.

For the cover, I knew I would have to spice it up a little bit. Using my Creative Memories cutter, I found a coordinating pattern and cut a circle the size of the cover.

See? I used adhesive to attach it upside down, so the pattern would be on top.

It was still missing something, so I decided to try ribbon.

I ran it through my sticker maker and wound it around the edge of the cover.

Much better! The top is complete!

For the bottom, I grabbed the finished top, my hot glue gun, and my newly white base.

Carefully I applied a LOT of glue to the top of the base and found it centered.

Handed my camera to B so she could snap some photos while I pushed down...

Then, I let her fish out all her goodies to start packing in!

Everything from her gymnastic headbands to big flowery clips can sit inside...

Which is easy to access for a 5-year-old...

And she has easy access to her headbands on display!

So cute! I'm glad I was able to find something that she could use daily without worrying about pinched fingers or tangled messes.

What solutions do you have for bathroom necessities?


  1. What a creative project! I didn't know you could buy that kind of tape. I've decided against many projects because I knew that glue would bubble. Now I'm slapping my forehead!

    1. Actually I'm pretty lucky, I get the adhesive for free from my aunt whose work would just toss out the excess. She started scooping it up for all of us scrapbookers/card makers in the family. Unfortunately she's retired now, so I'm on my own once my stash is gone! I've also heard that spray adhesive works wonders for projects at home!