Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Friday called for some 'bling-bling' sunglasses on the way home.
Found some basket organizers for our pantry at Target on clearance. Must. Get. More.
B LOVED my taco bowls - she had two helpings! Kately she's been surprising me with the foods she's enjoying...not as picky! She even added onions and tomatoes...what a big girl!
J sold his Harley Sportster on Saturday morning...and we went and picked up his Harley Dyno downtown that afternoon. He's much happier with it, and a happy husband is a good one to have around! Can't wait to go riding this summer!
I fancied up the driveway and made B sit by her name and age, and of course she pulls off her little supermodel pose. That started when she was a baby, not kidding.
This made me laugh for 5 minutes straight; it's a drawing out of her journal that she brought home from school last week. I don't know what it is, but it's just hysterical to me!


  1. Looks like his love his bigger than a house! I miss riding, I used to have a Low Rider. I still have my license because I will have another bike someday!

    1. I love being on his Harley, but I don't think I could ever drive one! I thought about getting my license once, for about an hour haha!